Airlift 19th Day Box Office Collection (3rd Tuesday Kamai falls down)

Total Airlift 19th day box office collection gets low more than previous day on 3rd Tuesday. Surprsingly the movie is still grossing an income around 1 cr on weekdays even on 19 day. Some movies don’t even stay on cinema theatres and this film is still earning a decent profit as per the day count. The film basically has 2 new targets, overseas to cross 50 cr mark and domestic to reach around 125 cr mark. If it stayed more for 1 week, it can have chances to beat Rowdy Rathore collections of Rupees 131 cr.

Airlift 19th Day Box Office Collection (3rd Tuesday Kamai falls down)

The movie has amazingly performed well at cinema counters with exception box office profit even after decreasing around 40-50% approx. screen counts all over India. The same applies to International market as Akshay Kumar fan following in overseas countries is normal but because to choosing such an excellent script with complete positive word of mouth led the movie earn this fantastic collection over India and Internationally.

Airlift 19th day box office collection holds revenue of Rs 0.91 crore {Tweet}. The movie coming to its final days at screens is marking income in crore. Made in budget of US$4.4 million { ₹30 crore}, the movie has collected 5 times of its income and excluding all the entertainment tax, distributors share and other tax duties, the film makes 202% profit till now claims Koimoi.

Comparatively, it goes with 29.65% falls down in its income from last day with 10-15% occupancy all over India. Airlift total 19 days collection crossing 1.2 billion mark stand at gross income of Rs 122.65 crore and it only needs 2 crore to reach 1.25 billion profit share. The film is still expected to grab around 6 crore in this going on weekdays.

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