Airlift 12th Day Box Office Collection {2nd Tuesday} stays average

{2nd Feb 2016} Airlift 12th Day Box Office Collection {2nd Tuesday} stays average as the weekdays won’t allow the film to collect good revenue at cinema ticket windows. The film with good feedback and response even in International market takes it profit figures at good numbers. The amount of revenue earned by this war thriller till now is the triple of the amount invested in the picture that is Rs 30 crore budgets. Actually, it’s around 4 times more than budget as the film in the completed total 12 days accumulates revenue of “Rs 107.90 crore”.

Airlift 12th Day Box Office Collection {2nd Tuesday} stays average

This Akshay Kumar movie attracts around 20-25% audience at the cinema counters on 2nd Tuesday as per the given reports of Taran Adarsh 2nd February 2016 business reports. Compared to yesterday income, it drops with 24.90% and gathers an average amount. But if we look at the following day as the movie has come a long way now in theatres, this coming day wise collections are good enough as other film don’t even earn 50% of this income generated by war thriller.

Airlift 12th Day Box Office Collection stays average with a turnover of “Rs 2.61 crore” that is 24% approx. less than yesterday’s income. Now getting into details and spitting the income shows wise, the film grosses Rs 50 lakh amount in the morning show with Rs 55 cr* revenue is accumulated in afternoon shows. Moving forward to evening shows, the film goes with an approximate profit of Rs 80 lakh whereas the last night shows were ended collecting Rs 75 lakh income.

Now, as revealed by Taran Adarsh the following Nimrat Kaur starrer 10 days official International income stays at “Rs 35.23 crore”. Adding up the both income of 12 days and International market income mints a “Total worldwide profit till 2nd February 2016 stands at “₹143.13 crore”. Slowly but steadily, war thriller is inching towards next target Rs 1.5 billion share mark and is expected to make a business to 160 around as lifetime income of the film. With this revenue it has already made a place in Top 10 movies collection highest income in Bollywood and regarded as the fourth film of our Khiladi Kumar. Raja Krishna Menon is extremely happy casting Akshay in his movie and is looking forward to work with him again.

Taran Adarsh report till Yesterday Income {Official}

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