24 Movie Lifetime/ Closing Box Office Collection [Area Wise]

24 Movie Lifetime, Closing Box Office Collection [Area Wise]

24 Movie Closing & Lifetime Box Office Collection is out that stands at a all time profit of Rs 36.75 crores calculated from all area wise income of Nellore, Nizam, Ceded, Vizag, Krishna, Guntur, East, West, Kerala, Karnataka, rest of India and Andhra Pradesh. The film made a net business of 36.75 cr in India and gross 69.40 crores till it stayed at cinemas. The film is no more screen at any theatres and this are the closing and lifetime collection of Suriya 24 Telugu movie.

24 Movie Lifetime/ Closing Box Office Collection [Area Wise]

Telugu 24 movie area wise lifetime and closing collections are as follows:-

Area Wise Net Profit Gross Inc.
Nizam Rs 6.40 Cr Rs 11.80 Cr
Ceded Rs 2.30 Cr Rs 3.60 Cr
Vizag Rs 1.65 Cr      —-
East Rs 1.20 Cr      —-
West Rs 0.90 Cr      —-
Krishna Rs 1.10 Cr      —-
Guntur Rs 1.33 Cr      —-
Nellore Rs 0.52 Cr AP: 11.60 Cr
A.P.+Nizam Rs 15.40 Cr Rs 27.00 Cr
Telangana Rs 16.10 Cr Rs 29.50 Cr
Kerala Rs 2.10 Cr Rs 5.10 Cr
Karnataka Rs 2.50 Cr Rs 5.90 Cr
Rest of India Rs 0.65 Cr Rs 1.90 Cr
India Rs 36.75 Cr Rs 69.40 Cr
Foreign Total Rs 17.79 Cr Rs 31.35 Cr
WW Total Rs 54.54 Cr Rs 100.75 Cr

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Therefore, 24 Movie collected net profit of Rs 15.40 crore from Andhra Pradesh and Ninzam area whereas gathered Rs 16.10 crore from Telangana state.

24 movie collection all over India Country net. income stands at Rs 36.75 crores which takes its all over globe income at Rs 54.54 cr and gross at Rs 100.75 crores.

Note: These are official collection report and are shared from reliable source [Genuine profit numbers]

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